Save 33%

on your first
A Better Meal

Your dog is absolutely going to love mealtime when you add Muenster enhancements! We can add tasty salmon oil, elk or beef protein, or even bacon fat to pet food for the same reason that we ourselves add seasoning to steak, dressing to salad or toppings on a sundae - it tastes better! Have your dogs been stuck eating plain, dry kibble their entire lives? By adding even a little salmon oil, bacon fat, or freeze-dried elk or beef, the palatability of dog food increases significantly. Did you know that your dog can smell the fat content in foods down to as little as 1% difference? Adding enhancements will not only make an exciting difference your dog will taste, but one they’ll smell from the get-go!

Save Money

Sure, you can buy a bag of dog food, add this oil, that topper, this supplement, etc. and then measure, mix and prepare the meal every time you feed your dog……OR, you can let us handle all the prep work for you at a fraction of the cost. When we premix your pet’s food, you’ll be taking advantage of our manufacture-direct savings without incurring the added costs of separately packaging and distributing each of the different elements. We add the enhancements for you – and you get the benefit of our wholesale discount.

Save Time

Not only does buying manufacture-direct save money, it saves the time and stress of making sure you get the right mix every time. You won’t have to leave a long list of instructions for the pet-sitter or boarding facility - you just provide the pre-mixed Muenster food for your dog. Just think, feeding your dog twice per day with 5 minutes prep time (getting out the different packages, mixing in enhancements, cleaning up) comes to about 70 minutes per week. Even rounding down to 1 hour a week, that’s 52 hours each year……or an entire work week spent on pet food prep! What would you do with an extra work week?

Hand Mixed

How do we pre-mix pet food? Well, it’s quite simple: we manufacture the food - so, when you order it, we mix it! Just select the enhancements you think your dog would enjoy and our chef will hand weigh and mix your custom order, package it, and send it your way.

Tailor Your Dog’s Diet To Your Vet’s Recommendations

Suppose your veterinarian becomes concerned about your dog’s skin or coat, digestive system, heart health or joint health - Muenster can help! Simply let us know your veterinarian’s dietary recommendations, and we can personally adjust a recipe to meet your pet’s needs.

Making Sure I Know How Much to Feed My Dog

Feeding recommendations are just that: recommendations. When feeding your dog, the best way to adjust for proper portions is by assessing your dog’s body condition. If you suspect your dog is over- or underweight, please feel free to contact us. We offer several dietary suggestions and solutions to correct weight issues.

What if My Dog Doesn't Like It?

Our pet foods are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We are so confident in our recipes and enhancements that if your dog isn’t happy with Muenster food, we’ll take it back and issue you a full refund.

If I Want To Adjust What I’m Adding, How Do I Do That?

If you want to change the added enhancements you’ve chosen, simply go to “my account,” delete the current autoship order, select from the different recipe options and set up a new order - or, give us a call at 1-800-772-7178 and we’ll adjust the order with you.