Safe Hay: Feed Storage

Posted July 17, 2018 In Horses

How do you safely store hay and horse feed? Summer months are prime time for hay baling. But not just any hay is for horses. As a fire hazard and perishable crop, its environmental sensitivity and susceptibility to parasites can make it dangerous to consume or even store.

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Is Joint Pain Slowing Down your Dog?

Posted July 11, 2018 In Dogs

Notice your dog moving slowly to greet you when you get home? Are they more vocal when laying down? Has the spring in their step turned to a slow trot? Time to take action.

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Hairball Hacks for Healthy Cats

Posted June 27, 2018 In Cats

Hairballs, as any pet owner will tell you, are simply purr for the course when it comes to cat ownership. Just like scooping the litter box, it’s one of the least glamorous, but most common cleanups.

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3rd Annual Dog Days of Summer Contest

Posted June 18, 2018 In Dogs

The sweat on our brows – and everywhere else – has us swimming in summer. The heat is on, and so is our 3rd annual dog days of summer photo contest!

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What Type of Pet Food Bowl is Safest?

Posted June 06, 2018 In Dogs

You put a lot of time and energy into researching the healthiest pet foods for your fur child. But did you ever stop to think about what you’re serving it out of? Truth is, some cat and dog food bowls simply aren’t safe. And what good is a high-quality kibble if it’s just going to …

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Begging Be Gone: 6 Table Manners Tips to Teach to Your Dog

Posted May 22, 2018 In Dogs

Is people food bad for dogs? The short answer is yes and no. While some human foods can be highly toxic to pups, others are perfectly palatable.

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What to Make of a Moody Horse + How to Help

Posted May 09, 2018 In Horses

No living thing – with the exception of maybe plants – is immune to the occasional mood swing. Just like their human owners, an equine’s emotions can certainly be a source of frustration. However, they’re also important indicators of a horse’s physical health, safety, and overall well-being.

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Spring Chickens: Caring for a Young Flock

Posted April 12, 2018 In Chickens

Spring is a season of new life. From young plants to baby animals, the world is awash with tender beings. Planning to add some backyard chickens to your farm or urban homestead now that the weather’s warming? Like all babies, the first few months of a chick’s life are fundamental. Make the most of them …

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7 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

Posted April 04, 2018 In Pet Food

Your pet celebrates you every day. They love you unconditionally, and they’re not afraid to show it. April 11th is National Pet Day and the perfect opportunity to shower them right back.

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Seasonal Safety: Spring Hazards for Horses

Posted March 14, 2018 In Horses

The earth is waking up after its winter slumber. Warmer weather and more daylight mean more opportunities to ride. It also beckons sprouting buds and growing grasses, which can present real dangers for grazing horses.

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