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Why Do I Want Custom Dog Food?

Why Do I Want Custom Dog Food?

Imagine eating the same meal, even your favorite meal, twice a day, every day for a month. Or a year. That is typically what we do with our dogs. Not only does it get boring, but it can also create nutritional holes in an overall diet. Your dog may also not fit a “generic” or “normal” dog profile. 


Are you “extra”? Maybe you get an extra shot of espresso or even a double vanilla chai latte with extra foam? Well, your dog may be extra too, not just from a taste perspective, but also they may need more nutritional support for various issues, such as skin and coat, allergies, calming, or hip and joint support. Maybe he has a sensitive digestive system. We don’t mind making your dog’s food, one bag at a time, by hand.


In My Custom Dog Food, Muenster Milling builds upon the premium base dog food options that the company offers. Their kibble is made from meat-based recipes, with added superfoods, locally sourced healthy ingredients, and U.S. made premium vitamins and minerals. And each batch is quality tested before it leaves the mill.

Our custom enhancements help with many health concerns by adding calories, fats, oils, protein, or supplements, and they can even help with picky eaters. In My Custom Dog Food, these items are added directly to the food and integrated into the premium kibble, making it easier to feed, even for kids or dog sitters, and there is less waste. Those sneaky sorter dogs also have a harder time separating the yummy stuff from the healthy stuff.

Piper loves her Muenster! Our Cavapoo loves her Muenster! We add in bacon fat and salmon oil! We bought the beef topper and she is really enjoying that!


One step in customizing your dog food is incorporating additional fats. Adding salmon oil, coconut oil, or bacon fat to a kibble increases flavor, for any dog, but especially the fussy eaters. An additional benefit is healthier skin and coat, with added shine and fewer allergies. Many My Custom Dog Food customers have reported that their dogs don’t have allergy issues anymore, and that they spent money on our better dog food instead of expensive medications to solve their allergic coat and skin problems.

As dogs age, joints and mobility may become an issue, especially for big dogs. The Dr. Verwer’s Hip and Joint supplement has some great benefits as well as CBD to help alleviate mobility issues. We also have supplements for digestion, calming, and heart health and we will cover those in-depth in future blogs!

Increasing protein and fat can help a dog keep or build muscle, which supports their entire musculoskeletal system and fitness. Dogs don’t get fat from fat, they get fat from filler carbohydrates. Currently, you can add protein boosters, or freeze-dried raw, to the base foods to increase the meat profile. It has been suggested that using different proteins also makes a more diverse gut biome to help dogs avoid food sensitivities. By adding different proteins, you are adding a more diverse amino acid profile structure to the food.

So there are many reasons to customize your dog food. Palatability, keeping supplements with the food, easier for the human to feed, help with skin and coat/allergy issues, add protein to increase muscle, and diversify protein sources. Make your dog smile, get him some variety, and help alleviate any issues he may have with customizing his dog food recipe with My Custom Dog Food on

For new customers, you automatically get 30% off your first order. But for loyal Muenster fans, we want you to try My Custom Dog Food with our most popular addition, salmon oil! Use code TRYCUSTOM to get $9 off salmon oil (making it free!). 



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