We’ve Reached a New Milestone: Introducing Chicken Food


In nature, stagnation is dangerous. It’s one of the reasons we feel so strongly about reaching new milestones in our brand. This year we’ve taken sentiment a bit literal, creating a new and improved line of all-natural, high-quality chicken feed.

Milestone Chicken Food provides your flock with a nutritionally complete blend of locally sourced ingredients. With this top of the line chicken food, we’re making sure that whichever comes first, chicken or egg, both receive a nutrient-filled local product that puts their health at the top of the pecking order.

Here’s a closer look at our most recent milestone and how it’s helping chickens reach their peak.

What’s in it?

Milestone Chicken Food starts with unique proteins. When forging, chickens instinctively know to go after bugs and worms to supply their protein requirements. We start this highly digestible feed by adding cricket meal and fish meal to help them stay strong and productive. It’s the number one ingredient by design.

Next, we add a delicious mix of black oil sunflower seed, alfalfa, and organic peas. The bio-available nutrients help closely resemble what your flock would find in a high-quality pasture. We finish it off with minerals designed for healthy growth and essential oils to support a strong immune system.

Of course, what’s not in it is almost as important as what is. We believe you need the best chicken feed for the best birds. That’s why we make ours corn free, soy free, and with only non-GMO grains.

It’s also higher in calcium, supporting strong, healthy eggshells. Together, this marriage of ingredients makes Milestone Chicken Food suitable as a complete and balanced diet or supplement to a traditional diet.

Winter Feeding Tips

Commercial chicken food is especially important during winter months. As grasses and plants die off or become covered in snow, free-range foods are less available. But that doesn’t mean your birds’ nutritional needs lessen. If anything they require more nutrients! Since it can be harder for nature to supply their requirements for a varied diet, our Milestone is here to help fill in the gaps.

One thing to remember is that chickens don’t overeat. Put out a plentiful supply of pellets, but try not to leave an abundance out overnight. It can attract critters. You’ll also want to watch and ensure dominant hens don’t prevent smaller chicks from accessing the feeds.
Feeding amounts may vary by breed and activity level, which can admittedly be less during cooler months. One general rule of thumb is that for every dozen eggs a single hen lays, about four pounds of chicken feed are required.

Most importantly, since eggs are about 50% water, without proper hydration, they’re likely to be small or deformed if they get laid at all. Bring water dispensers inside overnight to prevent freezing and check each morning to ensure the flock has constant access to drinkable, clean water.

Why we did it.

We’ve always said, don’t fix something that ain’t broke. But! That doesn’t mean you can’t fine-tune it along the way. We make our high-quality chicken feeds to be reflective our business. With loyalty and honesty at the helm, we steer our ship the old fashioned way, using pure ingredients made by purer people.

Today, we’re passing milestones handed down from four generations, then supporting chicken owners in the form of great food.

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