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Team Muenster Spotlight: Cristal Ward

Cristal and Pearl Muenster Employee Profile

If you call Muenster, you may just get to chat with Cristal Ward. She’s the Office Manager and handles a lot of HR duties at Muenster Milling. For the last 18 months, she’s been helping to streamline the front office at the mill. In her previous life, Cristal managed commercial properties in the city, but she wanted to be closer to family and live a slower-paced lifestyle.

Cristal loves that Muenster Milling owners really care about their employees, and that the staff is one big family. She shares “it’s a fun environment where everyone pitches in.” Her favorite part of her day are talking to the customers and helping them with their orders. 

When Cristal isn’t at work, she is going to high school football and baseball games to cheer on her son Grant, 16, who is very involved in sports. Her other son, Cy, 25, works at Muenster Milling also, in the freeze-dried plant. Cristal’s husband Todd is a retired teacher and coach who worked in education for over 29 years! They love living the country lifestyle and also have a ranch in west Texas where they raise Corriente roping steers. Cristal enjoys bi-weekly road trips with her husband to check the cattle and enjoy the desert landscape.

Growing garden veggies, cooking, and smoking meat are hobbies of Cristal’s, and she truly enjoys feeding her family and friends and finding the best recipes for humans, so of course she also enjoys feeding her dogs well too.

Cristal’s Muenster Dog Food Recipe

Cristal has two English Bulldogs, Pearl and Spot. They are brother and sister, although Ms. Pearl enjoys car rides and coming to the office to socialize and Spot prefers to stay at home relaxing. They are her 4th and 5th bulldogs, and Cristal is very aware of the issues that are more prevalent with the breed: skin/coat and weight. She has sampled quite a few of the Muenster products for her two friends.

Currently, Pearl and Spot are enjoying Muenster Grain Free Salmon recipe with added Bacon Fat. Cristal says that the pups shed a lot less than they did before, and Miss Pearl is a selective eater, so the bacon fat helps entice her to enjoy her food. The bulldogs are also loving the Dr. Verwers Hip & Joint Functional Topper. As the weather turns colder, the dogs have a little arthritis in their hips. After trying the Topper for a few weeks, they are much more agile and able to move from couches to cars with ease, as well as play with their favorite toys.

Next time you call Muenster, you may just get Cristal on the phone! Ask her for her favorite Fall recipe!


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