5 Tips to Help Reduce Your Dog’s Firework Anxiety

dog with american flag

For humans, the Fourth of July is a chance to enjoy barbecue, family, friends and hopefully a nice display of fireworks. For dogs, however, it’s a day filled with potential danger. Unaware of the symbolism behind the raucous tiny explosions, pups may very well experience anxiety at the sound of fireworks. The bangs and vibrations can easily turn a 50-pound tank into a trembling lapdog. Continue reading “5 Tips to Help Reduce Your Dog’s Firework Anxiety”

10 Most Costly, But Avoidable, Vet Procedures

Let’s be honest: nobody really “enjoys” paying their bill at the end of a vet visit.

In fact, handing the receptionist your credit card and telling her to charge whatever you owe can be especially painful if a serious health issue brought you and Whiskers to the office in a hurry—emergency treatment, after all, can cost hundreds of dollars or more. Taking your pet to the vet for an annual checkup and round of vaccinations is part of being a responsible owner, so there’s no avoiding that. But some common maladies that strike our pets are completely avoidable…and, for the sake of your budget, you’d be wise to try to avoid them!

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Do You Know Which Plants are Poisonous to Pets?

poisonous plants for pets

Spring has sprung, and for many of us, that means rolling up our sleeves, putting on a sun hat, and doing some gardening! It can also mean bringing home new potted plants to live indoors, just to improve air quality and “brighten the place up.” Before you head out to exercise your green thumb, though, it would be wise to brush up on your knowledge of poisonous plants.

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