Featured Dog Food Ingredient of the Month: Chicory Root

Since the days of Ancient Rome, health conscious humans have utilized the roots of a bright blue flower from the plant Cichorium intybus, otherwise known as chicory, to bolster their digestive systems.

Within the last few decades, the same gastrointestinal wunderkind has made the jump to dog food. This prebiotic is known for its ability to enhance the intricate and complex systems of our canine companions.

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Featured Dog Food Ingredient of the Month: Yucca

yucca plant dog food ingredient

More than 40 species, all similar in anatomy, make up the members of the yucca family.

Hailing from arid regions of the US, Mexico, and Latin America, this root vegetable has been an important source of food and medicine for centuries. Its also a powerhouse of essential vitamins, minerals and plant-based nutrients. The closer researchers study this starchy, tuberous root the more health benefits they’re unearthing.

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Featured Dog Food Ingredient of the Month: Flaxseed


6,000 years ago, the word ‘superfood’ was nonexistent.

Still, Flaxseed stood out as a nutrient-packed dietary staple– a key crop that was widely cultivated and revered among ancient civilizations in the Middle East.

Today, it’s used all over the world and widely associated with a host of health benefits from weight loss and healthy hair all the way up to reducing certain types of cancer. And this isn’t just true of humans!

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Are You Storing your Pet Food Safely?

pet food safe storage

How concerned are you with pet food storage techniques? Do you have a designated container or spot in your house where all of the pet supplies “live”? Or do you just stick the bag anywhere it will fit and not really fuss with it? Generally speaking, pet owners don’t put nearly as much thought into how they store their critter food as they do what kind they buy or how much they’re feeding. The good news is that food storage is usually pretty straight-forward; the bad news is that there are some things to keep in mind to ensure that you’re doing it safely. Continue reading “Are You Storing your Pet Food Safely?”

Chinese Free Pet Food

Safety is something we all desire for our pets, especially when it comes to what they eat. People spend hundreds and thousands of dollars every year to ensure their dogs get the best nutrition available. However, many people are feeding foods that have 1 thing in common, whether it’s the most expensive food in the store, or the cheapest. Chinese ingredients have unfortunately become commonplace in the U.S. pet food market. Many companies will make the “bold” claim that they purchase all of their ingredients in America. However, just because it’s purchased in America, doesn’t mean it was made in America. Many of the vitamin and mineral companies still source their ingredients from China, and then distribute them in U.S.
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