Common Household Items You Didn’t Know Were Toxic to Your Cat

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As most cat owners know, a finicky feline who turns his nose up at everything but his favorite food in his favorite dish in his favorite spot in the house might also enjoying chomping on houseplants or live insects. We humans don’t always understand why our cats choose to eat certain things, but one concept we do understand is that not all things that can be eaten should be eaten. Today, we’re going to talk about common household items that are toxic to cats. You might not be able to stop your cat from hunting down crane flies that find their way into your living room, but you can definitely keep him away from some edible hazards! Continue reading “Common Household Items You Didn’t Know Were Toxic to Your Cat”

Unexpected Ways to Cure Hairballs

cat hairballs

It’s a scene that most cat-owners come to dread:

Your cat is relaxing, acting completely casual, maybe he’s even catching a nap in his favorite “sun spot.” Suddenly, he stands up, leans forward and starts making some horrible wheezing, hacking and retching noises. If you didn’t know any better, you’d assume that he was suffering from bronchitis—or stomach flu. Finally, after a few more heaves and coughs, the cat barfs up a large clump of wet fur. And as you stare at the mess that you now have to clean up, your cat goes back to relaxing. Continue reading “Unexpected Ways to Cure Hairballs”

Subtle Ways Your Pet Communicates


Many of us wish that our animal friends were capable of human speech.

How much easier would our lives be if Fluffy could just walk up and say, “My belly hurts,” or “I want to go outside,” or even “What was that scary noise?!” It would prevent so many misunderstandings and hard feelings!

Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. But the good news is that our animal companions often do have ways of expressing their thoughts and emotions, even if their meanings aren’t immediately obvious!

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10 Most Costly, But Avoidable, Vet Procedures

Let’s be honest: nobody really “enjoys” paying their bill at the end of a vet visit.

In fact, handing the receptionist your credit card and telling her to charge whatever you owe can be especially painful if a serious health issue brought you and Whiskers to the office in a hurry—emergency treatment, after all, can cost hundreds of dollars or more. Taking your pet to the vet for an annual checkup and round of vaccinations is part of being a responsible owner, so there’s no avoiding that. But some common maladies that strike our pets are completely avoidable…and, for the sake of your budget, you’d be wise to try to avoid them!

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