Common Household Items You Didn’t Know Were Toxic to Your Cat

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As most cat owners know, a finicky feline who turns his nose up at everything but his favorite food in his favorite dish in his favorite spot in the house might also enjoying chomping on houseplants or live insects. We humans don’t always understand why our cats choose to eat certain things, but one concept we do understand is that not all things that can be eaten should be eaten. Today, we’re going to talk about common household items that are toxic to cats. You might not be able to stop your cat from hunting down crane flies that find their way into your living room, but you can definitely keep him away from some edible hazards! Continue reading “Common Household Items You Didn’t Know Were Toxic to Your Cat”

Are You Storing your Pet Food Safely?

pet food safe storage

How concerned are you with pet food storage techniques? Do you have a designated container or spot in your house where all of the pet supplies “live”? Or do you just stick the bag anywhere it will fit and not really fuss with it? Generally speaking, pet owners don’t put nearly as much thought into how they store their critter food as they do what kind they buy or how much they’re feeding. The good news is that food storage is usually pretty straight-forward; the bad news is that there are some things to keep in mind to ensure that you’re doing it safely. Continue reading “Are You Storing your Pet Food Safely?”