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Locally Made - Family Owned Superior Nutrition

For four generations, our family has been driven by one goal: to provide a nutritious food for your animal, backed by science, that we make ourselves. The town of Muenster that we call home may not be the biggest place in Texas, but to the local farmers that supply us with ingredients used in our recipes, it’s one of the best. We couldn’t agree more.

Milestone Horse Foods

Muenster’s Milestone Horse Foods are natural, high in fiber and fat, fortified with vitamins and minerals, and made with locally-sourced ingredients. Our tried-and-true extrusion process renders the feed nutritious and easy to digest, while at the same time giving it a shelf life of 9 months or more. And like all of our products, the recipe for our horse food is fixed instead of being based on the least-cost. This means that every time you buy Milestone Horse Food, you’re receiving the same nutrition, quality, and innovation that we’ve been providing our customers with for the last four decades. So whether your horse is an energetic colt or a senior mare, choose Muenster!

Milestone Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats

A nutritious and easily-digestible reward for your horse. The wholesome ingredients combined with our unique process make this a safe treat for your equine companion.

Milestone Optimize

A naturally-preserved, high-fat, high-energy horse food supplement formulated for show and performance horses, breeding stallions, and broodmares. The unique, fully-extruded nugget is highly palatable, easy to chew and allows for high nutrient absorption. Fortified with vitamins and minerals, it meets or exceeds NRC nutrient recommendations when fed with good-quality forage. Safe for all life stages.

High Fiber, Low Starch Alfalfa, Coconut, Flax, & Algae Meal Superior Digestibility Fixed Recipe for Consistent Quality