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Locally Made - Family Owned Superior Nutrition

For four generations, our family has been driven by one goal: to provide a nutritious food for your animal, backed by science, that we make ourselves. The town of Muenster that we call home may not be the biggest place in Texas, but to the local farmers that supply us with ingredients used in our recipes, it’s one of the best. We couldn’t agree more.

Thank You for Choosing Muenster and Welcome to the Family.

We’re excited that you’re joining the Muenster Family! For 88 years we’ve made our mark by creating healthier diets for your animals. We use locally sourced, premium ingredients from family farms that we’ve been buying from for almost nine decades. Our superior ingredients ensure maximum nutrition.  At Muenster, we’re animal lovers too. We’re so obsessed with your pet’s health that we decided we wouldn’t feed your dog anything unless we’ve eaten it ourselves. To stand behind our brand, one of the owners, Mitch Felderhoff, ate nothing but our dog foods for 30 days. There may be larger companies out there, but none that care about your animals as much as we do.

30 Days of Dog Food ll Mitch ate Muenster dog food* for 30 days so you'd know... we're that committed to your dog's health 😉

How much do we believe in this product? Enough that Mitch, one of our 4th Generation owners, ate ONLY dog food for 30 days – Muenster dog food. No other pet food manufacturer can say that. So you can be confident in knowing we’re committed to the health of your animals -to your family. Because we won’t feed your dog anything, unless we’ve eaten it ourselves*.

*Muenster Dog Foods are intended for dogs and do not meet the AAFCO definition of Human Grade