Grain Free FAQs – Brand Line Section 10

All of our recipes are developed with the ability to feed all breeds. There aren’t different breeds of rabbits for different breeds of dogs in the wild.

It means we use ingredients that aren’t sourced from a grain. With many dogs having allergies to grain, this is an important option to have for our dogs!

We start with our county, and buy as much as we can within 20 miles of our facility. We then look to the great State of Texas for as many ingredients as possible. Beyond that, we look to our neighboring states. In fact, 80% of our ingredients come from within 200 miles of our facility. Our vitamins are sourced from the USA & bags are printed in America as well!

 We have a more gentle cooking process than most companies where we utilize lower cooking temperatures and use less starch. The more starch you have in a food, the more it will expand. The more meat you use, the more condensed the kibble is. The more you heat it, the more it expands. The more you heat it, the more vitamins/minerals & proteins are destroyed.

We believe in moderation and balance. If you put too many legumes in a diet, you can have a shift in the stomach bile, which results in an inability to synthesize taurine.

We are a small business to the core. We choose to support other independently owned and operated stores. For over 80 years, we have survived with the support of small business and independently owned companies. Our goal is to continue this for the next 80 years.

Get a new dog 😂😂. We guarantee every purchase, and we’re happy to replace the product with a food they’ll love. We can send you a label that you can use to ship the food back to us & provide you with a refund.

You’ve set up autoship but need to cancel it so your pet can play catch up with their chow. Here is a step by step on how to cancel your autoship subscription so you won’t get charged again until you’re ready to set it back up:

Step 1: Click on “Customer Login” at the top right of the home page to log in to your account on

Step 2: Once you are logged in, you will be directed your account Dashboard. Click on “My Subscription” on the left menu.

Step 3: You will see your status and dates. Underneath “End Date” you will see “Actions” Click “Unsubscribe” here and follow the prompts. Refresh your page and the red button will now say “Resubscribe”

Step 4: Ready to get the food shipments back on schedule? Click that big red “Resubscribe” button and set your dates!