You can email us at info@muenstermilling.com, contact us by Phone: (940) 759-2287 or Fax: (940) 759-2286 or use our Contact Us Page.

We take the quality of our product personally. We have high standards for our product from the minute we receive raw ingredients until it leaves our warehouse. We use fixed formulas instead of least cost formulas so that we have the exact same recipe every time. We start off by testing our raw ingredients for foreign products before production. Next we put our team through intense training to make sure they know exactly what they’re doing when helping cook Muenster products. After the product is cooked, we then test everything to assure that we meet our guarantee’s and are free of any foreign products.

We choose to use Chicken Meal instead of Fresh Chicken for several reasons:

  • Fresh Chicken is between 70-90% water
  • Ingredients are listed in order from heaviest to lightest BEFORE cooking. When you cook a product that is upwards of 80% you only end up with 1/5th of what you claim is in the product. Many times, you will see chicken meal as the first ingredient after an ingredient like fresh chicken in order to compensate for the added water they pump into the formula.
  • In our opinion, it’s just a way to deceive the customer into thinking that they are getting something they’re not.

We recommend that you do not switch your dog over to an adult diet unless they are 18 months old. Sometimes the larger breeds need to be switched sooner in order to give them a larger kibble option.

There’s not a set age to transition your dog to a senior food. All of our dogs will age at different rates than others. If your dog starts having joint problems and starts moving slower, we then recommend making a transition to our senior diet or another diet with glucosamine and chondroitin

We recommend that you switch gradually over a time period of 10 days, even when changing from one Muenster product to another.

Send us an e-mail at info@muenstermilling.com to find out about plans for new products or to provide a request for a new product