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Muenster’s Monsters Halloween Photo Contest Recap

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Happy November, everyone! We hope that all of our readers had a fun, safe Halloween!

And speaking of Halloween, it’s time to reveal the results of our annual pet costume contest. We received a lot of great submissions, so deciding who would take home a prize was pretty difficult. After some careful consideration, though, our judges were able to pick their favorite in each category.

Here are your winners:

Most Likes


“Lobster Luna”
Luna, Age 2

To eat the seafood, one must become the seafood. Little Luna seems to understand this more than anyone! Her lobster costume comes complete with a set of bulging, cartoonish eyes, but they certainly can’t compare to Luna’s own gorgeous peepers. The contrast of the shiny, tomato-red fabric with her natural coat colors is nice, too.

Luna was adopted as an eight-week-old kitten. According to her owner, she tolerates getting dressing up and having her picture taken, but she is a cat who enjoys her alone time.

Best Dog


“Draco says that this costume is ‘riddikulus’!”
Draco, Age 3

Indisputable proof that Hogwarts should allow students to bring their dogs to school! After all, anyone who’s ever been stared down by a border collie knows that these dogs have a sort of “magic” that’s all their own. The iconic robe, tie, and broomstick look great here…maybe more young Slytherin students should give black-and-white hair a try?

Draco is a food-motivated fellow who holds an “Intermediate Trick Dog” title. He has been posing for pictures since he was a puppy.

Best Cat


“Hmm Hmm Hmm, any dogs in this contest? Ones with spots? Give them my number. The name is De Vil. Cruella De Vil!”
Beatrice Ticketyboo, Age 1 year and 4 months

One of Disney’s more iconic villains, and a character who’s truly frightening to most animal lovers! The coat and wig are great accessories, as is the elaborate set. Beatrice’s piercing gaze, though, is what really “sells” the look!

Beatrice spends most of her time indoors but takes the occasional foray into cat-friendly coffee shops and retail establishments. She enjoys wearing hats, presumably because they keep her head warm.

Best Homemade Costume


“Greek Mythology”
Gryphon, Age 3 Years & Phoenix, Age 10 Years

The story behind these amazingly detailed costumes is so elaborate that we’ll go ahead and let Phoenix and Gryphon’s owners tell it:

“Phoenix and Gryphon are dressed up as a classic Greek myth. Phoenix is Medusa, a terrifying Gorgon monster with living venomous snakes in place of hair, known for her power to turn onlookers to stone. Gryphon the soldier attempted to defeat Medusa, but despite his best efforts, [he] was turned to stone by Medusa’s deathly gaze. These [outfits] were home-made and put together with various pieces of costumes [and] different objects, using all kinds of paints and materials.”

Halloween is an opportunity for artistic people and pets to truly shine!

Gryphon and Phoenix are half-brothers whose hobbies include playing together, traveling, and attending outdoor events. Their favorite part of dressing up is getting treats afterward.

Funniest Costume


“This towns not big enough for the both of us, I reckon.”
George, Age 1 Year and 6 Months

We dare you to try to look at this picture for more than a few seconds without cracking a smile. It’s difficult, isn’t it? Especially since George here seems to have mastered Clint Eastwood’s iconic “squint.”

One thing is for certain: any future shootouts at the OK Corral are going to be hilarious.

George is a true thespian who genuinely enjoys wearing costumes…and getting into character. Whether he’s wearing a mean scowl in his cowboy costume or a sweet smile in his dinosaur sweater, this is a pooch who thrives on attention and adoration!

Congratulations to our grand prize winners!

Each winning team will receive a $60 merchandise credit to the official Muenster Milling website, as well as bragging rights for an entire year.

Now, because you can never have too many pictures of pets in wonderful costumes, here are some honorable mentions, too.


“Husky Potter at Dogwarts”

Though this pair of magical pups were apparently sorted into Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, they’ll surely work their magic on Hufflepuffs and Slytherins, too!


“Cooper the Dalmatian as a Chick-Fil-A Cow”
So far, none of the cows have realized that there’s an imposter among them. Maintain your deep cover, Cooper!


“Farmer Bentley”

Raking up the leaves would go a bit faster if he could resist the urge to jump in the pile afterwards. Maybe Bentley would do better in a supervisory position?


“Feeling Elephantastic”

Dedicated to every tiny dog out there with a big heart and a ton of love to give. All of you are impossible to forget!


“Cool Coat Colors”
Proving that, with just a little paint and creativity, a dog can rock a fierce tiger costume… or become a spooky, scary skeleton!


“That’s what happens when you poop in the living room.”
Another one of those “just-try-to-look-at-this-without-laughing-because-it’s-pretty-much-impossible” pictures.

That’s all, folks! Thank you so much for sharing your great photos with us. These costumes are going to be hard to beat next year…but we’d love to see you try!

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