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Muenster’s Monsters Halloween 3rd Annual Photo Contest Recap

best halloween horse

November is in full swing, folks, which (unfortunately) means that Halloween is officially over. But don’t despair! Before we bid farewell to silly costumes and jack-o-lanterns for the year, we still need to announce the winners for our annual Pet Costume Contest!

Let’s have a round of applause for these Howl-oween hotshots:

Best Dog Costume

best halloween dog
Zelda and Kova, submitted by David Remi.

This picture-perfect pair consists of Zelda, an eight-year-old husky, and Kova, a four-year-old Shiba Inu. They live in The Colony, Texas; Zelda has been with the family for seven years, while Kova has been with them for four.

Owner David Remi described Zelda as a “lovely energetic husky;” she’s vocal and adores attention. Her hobbies include doing tricks (including balancing treats on her nose) and walking off-leash. Kova loves tennis balls and has a knack for rearranging furniture—that is, she likes to remove her bed from her crate, swing it from side to side, and then lie on top of it while it’s flipped upside down.

We’re glad that these two took the time to pose for a portrait! Zelda’s green shell provides a striking contrast with her monochromatic color scheme, and Kova’s pumpkin getup matches her ginger coat perfectly!

Best Cat Costume

best halloween cat
Finn “The Demon King” Balor, submitted by Mia McCarty.

Finn is a nine-month-old Maine Coon / medium-coat yellow tabby mix. He reportedly enjoyed wearing his costume around the house and showing it off to his neighbors. According to owner Mia McCarty, Finn enjoys playing fetch, watching birds and passersby from his favorite window, and stealing the straws out of people’s drinks (seriously, don’t let your guard down around this guy). Said McCarty, “[Finn] can be the sweetest baby and love on you one minute and then nip you and play rough the next. He is our baby boy, and we wouldn’t trade him for anything…no matter how many times I’ve threatened him!”

That “I love you! / Why do I put up with you?!” dichotomy is something that nearly all cat-owners can relate to. All hail Finn, the king of this particular jungle!

Best Horse Costume

best halloween horse
Smoken, submitted by Syndee Adams.

Smoken is a six-year-old mini gelding who’s all about competitive driving—pleasure, derby, obstacle, and just driving in general. This photo was taken at the 2018 Nebraska State Fair, where Smoken made a sensationally spotty Dalmatian. He was the perfect companion for owner/driver Janelle Stelk and handler Syndee Adams, who were decked out in Cruella de Vil couture! Stelk has owned Smoken for about four months now, so we hope to see even more team costumes from this group in the future.

Funniest Costume

funny dog costume
Sprocket and Ratchet, submitted by Jenn Gren

We’d like to challenge our readers to look at the above photo and not, at the very least, crack a smile. Just try it.

Yeah, we’re pretty sure that it can’t be done. That’s why Sprocket (an eight-year-old female boxer/pit mix) and Ratchet (an eight-and-a-half-year-old male boxer) are taking home the gold in this particular category! The duo’s owner, Jenn Gren, told us that Sprocket and Ratchet are an inseparable pair of rescue pooches; Sprocket was adopted at the age of 8 weeks, while Ratchet came to his “furever home” when he was 5½ months. Both dogs love riding in the car, going kayaking, lounging in front of the wood stove, and taking “Sunday Funday” hikes. Lake Wildwood in Upton, Massachusetts served as the background for their Stranger Things inspired photoshoot.

Best Homemade Costume

homemade dog. costume
Ronnie, submitted by Michelle Coffey

Everyone knows that a cute dog is a total “chick magnet”—and Ronnie here illustrates that concept literally! Owner Michelle Coffey had this to say about her 10-year-old lab-pit mix: “I adopted [Ronnie] from the Richmond SPCA in 2012, after he spent several months at the shelter. He loves going for runs, spending time outside, and wearing whatever costumes his mom finds that show off his good looks!”

Move over, Trey Songz—as far as we’re concerned, Ronnie’s the new “Mister Steal Yo Girl!”

Of course, we had so many great entries that it would be a shame to only show off the Top Five! Here are 10 “Paw-norable Mentions” for your viewing pleasure:

horse painted costume
Rumor has it that if you eat too many sugar cubes, you turn into a sugar skull. Totally worth it!

dog kanye costume
Adults will probably recognize Kanye West & Lil Pump from the “I Love It” music video, but young kids may think that they look more like SpongeBob SquarePants. Either way, these two give new meaning to the term “boxer dog!”

“Is it dinnertime yet?”

dog harry potter
“You’re a wizard, Harry!” or, alternatively, “You’re a hairy wizard!”

cat dressed as dinosaur
“T-Rex doesn’t want to be fed. He wants to hunt!” Fortunately, cats actually prefer to be fed!”

retriever dog costume
As far as haunted mansions go, this one’s the perfect mix of funny and spooky!

skeleton horse
“Spooky, scary skeletons are silly all the same!”

turkey dog costume
That awkward moment when you and your friend show up to a party wearing the exact same outfit…

superman dog costume
“I stand for truth, justice, and the American way. I sit for treats and head scratches.”

halloween dog costume
With just a bit of creativity and imagination, a suburban backyard can easily become a realm of fantasy!

That’s all for now, folks! Thanks again to everyone who submitted photos and voted for their favorites. Every year, we look forward to seeing what y’all come up with—and every year, you manage to impress us!

We hope that everyone had a happy and safe Howl-oween, full of tricks and treats. Keep following us on social media for the latest news from Muenster Milling.

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