$1 Meal Topper

Great for protein variety…Both dogs always look forward to the toppers. Their meaty smell drives them crazy, and they devour their food with “furver.” – Kelly

Muenster Freeze-Dried Meal Toppers

Why add a topper?

Because sometimes dogs want variety! With a topper, you’re able to feed a consistent base diet that keeps the carpet clean 😁, while also rotating different toppers to provide the variety and flavor enhancements your dog deserves! If you’ve ever eaten the same thing for even 3 days in a row, you know what we’re talking about 😉 .

Why is Freeze-Dried Better?

Freeze-drying a product is without a doubt the optimal delivery mechanism for introducing flavor to your dogs food. Not only does it avoid the intense heat & steam of dehydration, but it’s a 24 hour cycle that essentially guarantees that you have 99% product integrity! This means, what we put in the freeze-dryer is what we get out. We don’t lose nutrients to heat, because the process takes place in a chamber that’s sub 60 degrees fahrenheit!!!!!!

Long-term health benefits?

By adding Freeze-Dried, you’re able to reduce the amount of carbohydrates as a percentage of your dog’s diet, reduce inflammation & deliver nutrients that can only be found in their natural form when supplied by our freeze-dried organ meat! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

1 tablespoon per day to keep the vet away 😁

How do you make the best dog food in town…..You eat like a dog for a month so you know how to make it better.

(Limited inventory available)

NEW Functional
Meal Toppers

After feeding my 13 year old labrador Roxy, the Hip & Joint supplement, she was a completely different dog within 5 days. No longer limping and we can actually run together again!

For around $1.50 a day, my dog can move when and how she wants to again

-Aubree Felderhoff, dog Mom

(Limited Inventory Available 😬😬)

NEW Functional
Meal Toppers

After feeding my 13 year old labrador Roxy, the Hip & Joint supplement, she was a completely different dog within 5 days. No longer limping and we are actually running together again!

For around $1.50 a day, my dog can move when and how she wants to again

-Aubree Felderhoff, dog Mom

A picture of the Felderhoff Brothers Millet Crop located 7 miles northeast of their facility. Locally grown ingredinets are just a marketing point at Muenster, it's the main ingredient

Who are you buying from?

Often when you purchase something, you don’t always get to put the name to a face. Well, at Muenster, some things are still “behind the times” – luckily. For over 88 years, we have yet to sell a product that we haven’t physically manufactured or packed ourselves.  When you order a product from us, you can be assured you are supporting American jobs in a community where we value the opportunity to work. We’ve had opportunities to buy robots that can pack products for us, tape the box, and then automatically stack it on a pallet……but that doesn’t help us give back, does it? When you buy from Muenster you’re helping a Mom pay for childcare; a Dad pay for repairs to his daughter’s car; a young man/woman pay for college. When you buy from us, you’re reinvesting in our community. And for that, we thank you!



A letter from Mitch and Chad

Fourth Generation owners

Remember when companies used to make a promise to their customers and keep it? While it’s hard to find, it’s something we promised our Grandfather we would continue to do in order to serve his legacy.

When you buy a bag of Muenster, if you don’t like it, just let us know within 30 days & we’ll arrange for the product to be returned to us. We’ll also provide you with a store credit to trade out your less than desired bag for something else on our site.

And now with My Custom Dog Food, starting with your favorite recipes and adding enhancements & freeze-dried, we have over 3000 possible combinations of products, so you can customize your dog’s food based on their specific needs.


 The Great Rotation!

Rotating a dogs diet between different recipes can create a versatile digestive system that is consistently creating good bacteria to help digest the different nutrients & proteins. Along with the benefit of variety, they’ll get different amino acid profiles based on what type of meat they eat. So, by including a variety of chicken, fish, beef & elk, not only do we provide new flavors, we provide a balance in nutrition!

Coated Kibble Project
We’ve mixed it for you!

We take our Grain Free Salmon and coat it with:

*coconut oil, *dried salmon, *freeze-dried beef, *bone broth, *probiotics

The Coated Kibble Project - Feline Blend || Grain Free with Salmon

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Customize your dog’s food based on their specific needs.

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My Custom Dog Food

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Customize & Save

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