Love Your Pet Day Photo Contest Recap

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A few weeks ago, we asked our readers to send in photos for our “Love Your Pet Day” photo contest. And as usual, our readers did not disappoint us! Although we’ve already picked our Grand Prize winner (Congratulations, Baxter!), we’d still like to share some of our favorite submissions, as well. So here are 10 honorable mentions, in no particular order:


“Sleepy Puppy”

Have you ever played so hard that you fell asleep while you were eating? For puppies, this is business as usual; they discover the world with such gusto and enthusiasm that they sometimes just romp, explore, or snack until they collapse from exhaustion! Their lack of a setting between “Off” and “High” can be a little overwhelming to human caretakers, but very few of us can resist the allure of a sleepy puppy.


“I’m Not Too Little to Play!”

For most dogs, a ball is a ball is a ball. Regardless of its shape, dimensions, and relative size in comparison to their head (or entire body), balls are meant to be played with. A dog may not understand the rules of soccer or the history of tennis, but if there’s fun to be had, then it’s a pretty safe bet that your pooch will be happy to participate!


“Bentley Sure Loves his Muenster!”

And, judging by Bentley’s size and breed, he probably eats a lot of Muenster dog food every day! But the bigger the dog, the bigger their heart, and we don’t just mean that literally. If you’ve ever had a giant-sized dog lean on you, lick your face, or even try to climb into your lap, you know that most of ‘em are enormous softies who only want to be loved!


“This is My Favorite Tiny Human!”

There’s something special and unique about the bond between a young child and their dog. It’s a relationship of mutual trust, adoration and responsibility. If you want to give a dog a purpose, pair them with a child; if you want to teach your child to be a better human, have them take care of a dog. Oh, but all sentimentality aside: those two are definitely plotting some mischief!


“No Worries, I Got that Monkey!!!”

A lovely beach, idyllic scenery, a fun toy to chase, and a human friend to play with. Put it all together, and you’ve got a little slice of doggie heaven—a place where a pooch can truly go all-out and cut loose. What more could a dog ask for? To paraphrase an old human saying: fetch like no one is watching!


“Beware of the Giant Shih Tzu, Weechee!”

Cameras are infamous for their ability to seemingly “add 10 pounds” to their subjects, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As illustrated by the above photo, cameras can also take advantage of forced perspective to make a small dog appear huge. One thing that a camera can’t do, though, is fake Weechee’s lovely face and happy expression. That’s all 100% natural, folks!


“Potty Training is Hard When You Just Want to Bask in the Sun!”

At some point, Cooper will probably remember what he’s supposed to be doing out here on the grass. But in the meantime, this seven-month-old Aussiedoodle is more than happy to sunbathe and receive attention from the humans at the dog park. According to Cooper’s family, this little boy thinks that he’s a human, too. Maybe that’s why he’s having so much trouble with the whole concept of “housebreaking?”


“Love at First Sight!”

Introducing a new puppy to an already-established family pet can be tricky and stressful, so it’s no small relief when a pair of pooches bond almost instantly. Regardless of how you feel about dogs on furniture, it’s impossible to deny that this couch cuddle pile is super sweet! Room for one more, you two?


“Eddie the Toy Hoarder!”

At one point or another in their lives, most pet owners will stop for a moment and ask themselves, “Does my pet have too many toys?” The answer to that question is, of course, “Don’t be silly, a pet can never have too many toys.” We should all be so lucky to have a toy (and Frisbee and bacon) connoisseur like 3-year-old Eddie in our homes, as he seems more than happy to set the record straight!


“I Love Leo and He Loves Me!”

Leo (or Yuri-Tomo-San, as he’s called in Japan) is a Japanese Chin who loves to play with the big pups. This little guy may have figured out that he can’t stop his owner from going on trips, but he’s also come up with an ingenious compromise: his owner must bring him on the trip, too! His plan of hopping into the suitcase while it’s being packed might still have some kinks to work out, but you can’t say he didn’t try!


Thanks again to everyone who submitted to our contest! Our pets show us love in so many different ways, and there are many ways that humans can show love for their pets. Some of your photos made us laugh out loud, some of them made us coo in delight and others just made us smile quietly to ourselves. One thing is for certain: there are a lot of true-blue pet enthusiasts among us. We’re truly honored that Muenster food can play a role in the care and feeding of your canine companions!

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