Including Your Dog in Holiday Celebrations

Holidays are all about spending time with those you love- this includes your fur family! Incorporating your dog in the merrymaking is easier than you think. From gift ideas to volunteer activities, ahead are some ways you can ‘dog’ the halls this season.

Cute Gift Ideas for Pets

When hanging the stockings with care, make sure to tack one up for your pup. Pet presents are a cute holiday tradition that’s sure to get their tail wagging. Especially if you just so happen to include their new favorite toy or some delicious all-natural dog treats and rawhides.

You could also spring for something super snuggly, like a new dog bed. For the fashion-forward pup, consider a new matching harness and leash set.

Fun Holiday Activities

Look at your holiday activities list and check it twice to see where you might bring Fido along for some seasonal fun. Anything outdoor-based is perfect for your pooch. Whether that be caroling around the neighborhood or attending a citywide tree lighting, keep an eye out for ways to celebrate outside. Be aware that pets could get chilled walking in a winter wonderland, so don’t hesitate to outfit them with a cozy dog sweater to help keep them comfortable.

If all else fails, take your pet out for a picture with Santa Paws. The photos are sure to make adorable holiday gifts for family and friends!

Good Deeds and Tidings

Humans aren’t the only ones who can participate in good tidings and good deeds. There are plenty of ways that pet volunteerism can help you give back this season.

If your pooch had a good temperament and you want to volunteer with your dog, try one of these do-gooder activities:

  • Sign your pup up for a charity run.
  • See if your dog can qualify as a therapy animal in a children’s ward or elderly home.
  • Become a foster home for a dog in need of socialization.
  • Bring your dog to work and make a stressed coworker’s day better.

Travel Tips

If you’re traveling with pets this holiday, make sure to plan ahead.  For starters, see that you invest in a crate that can accommodate. As a general rule of thumb, pack them in one they can stand and sit in. When testing, see that they can fully turn and lie in a natural position before you buy.

Best to plan your dog’s feeding schedule so that they don’t eat or drink at least two hours before you hit the road.

A Word About Pet Safety

Keeping pets safe during the holidays is a full-time job. Start by making sure you remain watchful over what they eat. Take out the trash frequently, discourage guests from feeding your pup table scraps and keep holiday plants out of reach. If you want to reward Fido with a special holiday treat, stick to all-natural kibble or meat-based wet foods and treats.

Ultimately, there’s really no reason to leave your four-legged family out of your holiday traditions. Just make sure you prioritize their safety to make the most of this merry time of year.

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