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How to Make Your Pet the Best Muenster Monster for Halloween

pet halloween costume

Calling all canine clothing enthusiasts!

This year, Muenster Milling is going to be holding a Halloween costume contest! Between now and October 31, send us a photo of your pet “strutting their stuff” in their best Halloween finery. The Top 10 pets will be featured in a future entry on our official company blog.

Here are some ideas to get those creative juices flowing:



Sometimes, less is more. If your pet is practically perfect in every way, then why distract from that lovely nose or those gorgeous eyes? A simple costume, consisting of just a headband, hat, or cape can be just as fun as a full-body outfit—and assembled for a fraction of the cost, as well!


“Double Trouble”

What’s the only thing more amazing than a dog dressed up for Halloween? Two dogs dressed up for Halloween! If you’ve got more than one fur-baby, they can easily share the spotlight. Coordinate their costumes or let each pup’s individual personality shine through; either way, this is an idea that the whole pack can get behind!


“Pop Culture Power”

There’s no denying that Star Wars and superheroes are more popular than ever right now, so why not go for some topical humor? Stores are full of these costumes, which means you won’t have to break the bank to obtain one. And best of all: if you dress your dog as a “classic” character, you won’t need to buy a different costume next year!


“Fairytale Heroine”

You know that your dog is “the fairest of them all,” but does everyone else? Remove all doubt by dressing your dog as a cute pixie or lovely princess. True Love’s Kiss might actually be a lick on the cheek!


“Halloween Super-fan”

What better way to express your love for autumn than by embracing it whole-heartedly? Dressing as a Jack-o’-lantern, witch, ghost, or anything else that screams “Halloween” is perfect for a pet who wags his tail when he gets that first whiff of pumpkin spice! Just keep him away from the chocolate candy, and you’re good to go.


“(Not) All Dogs Go to Heaven”

Is your dog a huge softie when no one else is around but tough-as-nails when he’s out in public? Or is he a real demon who somehow tricks everyone into thinking that he’s a sweet little lamb? Contemplate the duality of your dog’s personality with an angel, devil, or pope costume.


“Did somebody say ‘Kisses?’”

Show the world that your dog is a lover, not a fighter! A cardboard box, some poster board, and an old jar are all you need for a truly “awwwww-inspiring” look.

Warning: this costume should not be used on dogs with megalomaniacal tendencies, because they’ll wind up with humans fawning all over them, and certain dogs should not have that much power. Please do not enable your pet to enslave humanity and take over the world by giving him a costume that is simply TOO cute…

Final Thoughts

Now, before you start planning Rover’s ensemble, please keep these safety tips in mind:

Understand that some dogs do not want—and will refuse—to wear costumes. If you try to put a hat on Daisy’s head and the first thing she does is yank it off, try not to get upset. While some dogs love playing dress-up, a lot of them are uncomfortable wearing clothes of any kind. Thus, it’s entirely possible that your dog will only wear her costume long enough for you to take a quick picture, or she absolutely won’t tolerate it at all. You can try re-introducing the costume to your pet a few times to see if she eventually warms up to it, but if she genuinely seems uncomfortable or aggravated, then let the matter drop—it’s not worth fighting about.
Never leave a costumed pet unsupervised. In the time it takes for you to run and get your camera or another bowl of candy, Ginger could get tangled up in her cape, chew apart her headband, or swallow one of her booties. It also might be difficult for her to defend herself in a fight with another animal or take cover if something scares her. Only dress your pet up if you’ll be in a position to watch her closely; even if her costume is designed to be “dog-friendly,” it’s very possible that she’ll still have issues with it. And keep her collar and ID tags on her, regardless of how they look with her outfit!
Pet costumes should be silly or cute, not scary. Please don’t use your costumed pet to startle or “prank” people on purpose. Although Halloween is supposed to be spooky fun, it’s not uncommon for humans to lash out physically when frightened, even if they don’t mean to. You may think it’s hilarious to dress Sparky up as a giant tarantula and tell him to run after people, but no one is going to be laughing when your victim accidentally kicks or punches your dog in a blind panic. And even if Sparky doesn’t get physically injured, he still won’t understand why people are screaming at him or running away. Why put your pet through that?

The bottom line: we want to for this whole experience to be enjoyable for humans and dogs alike!

Stay ‘tuned for more information about our upcoming contest! And in the meantime, get cracking on those costumes! Show us creativity, show us comedy, show us…monkey business?


…Whatever works!

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