Our locally-sourced ingredients, including finely-ground whole grains, are cooked with carefully-regulated and pressurized steam. The high heat and moisture opens up and gelatinizes the molecular chain of the starches, ensuring the food can rapidly take on the animal’s saliva and benefit the animal from the start of the digestion process. Oils from raw ingredients are released, making the fat more available for absorption. After the food leaves the extruder barrel, it is cut uniformly and then expands as it hits the cool air and normalizes pressure. The food is gently dried, removing excess moisture, which prevents mold and rancidity. This allows us to achieve a shelf life greater than 9 months. As a final step, we coat the food with healthy oils.

It is important to discuss with your veterinarian what the cause of colic is. If it is food related, then our extruded feed may be a healthy solution. By enhancing your horse’s ability to break down foods and avoiding a high starch diet, digestive upset can be mitigated.

We design all of our foods to have controlled levels of starch and sugars. Our products range from 11% to 20% NSC levels depending upon the product. Milestone Life Plus and Milestone Senior are our food of choice for horses with sensitivity to starches and sugars.

Our Milestone Life Plus and Milestone Athlete promote a “show ready” appearance. We combine health oils to optimize levels of omega fatty acids for that “sheen”. If you’re looking for a boost in condition, try our Optimize Supplement.

We always recommend that you visit with your veterinarian on what weight/condition your horse should be at. From there, follow the feeding guidelines on our packaging. Horses activity level and body condition play a key roll in feed consumption.

We have found that extruded feeds are an excellent option for horses that have a difficult time chewing. Properly masticating feed is the first step in the digestive process. Extruded feeds are easily chewed and rapidly take on saliva to be broken down. Many customers will wet down the food with water. When water is added, our Milestone Senior will have the consistency of oatmeal in about 3-5 minutes.