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Fat Is Yummy. And Good For Dogs!

shiny dog with healthy coat

Diet. 😩 Super no fun concept, right? Good news though, fat isn’t the enemy we have been led to believe. Research suggests that fats aren’t bad for your dog. As a matter of fact, adding the RIGHT fats can help your dog in a variety of ways.

Benefits To Fat

Calories. Yes, fats add calories to your pet’s diet, which is great for those active dogs. Fat provides energy for athletes, competitive performance dogs, working dogs, hunting dogs, and growing puppies. It can also be useful for those that are just high metabolism types that have a hard time keeping good body condition. 

Skin and coat. In order to have thick, glossy, soft fur, your dog needs to have enough fat in their diet. Many dogs suffer from skin allergies. Fats nourish the skin from the inside out, often minimizing itching, flaking and allergy concerns. Salmon oil is a great fat addition for dogs with skin issues, and it also makes the food appealing to fussy eaters!

Fighting Disease. Fats can improve immune system health, cognitive function (especially great for puppies and seniors), help with joint lubrication, and fight viral and fungal infections!

It’s Yummy! If your dog isn’t a big eater, adding fat to the food in My Custom Dog Food coats the fat directly and evenly onto the kibble, and the smell and taste of additional salmon oil, coconut oil, or BACON FAT can entice even the fussiest eater to enjoy the premium nutrition in Muenster Milling premium base recipes. By having us add the fat directly to the kibble, it ensures that the dog can’t sort out the yummy fat from the healthy ingredients, and also creates less mess than adding it at home.

What Types of Fat?

Why do we choose Salmon Oil, Coconut Oil and Bacon Fat as optional customization ingredients? We believe that these are the key oils/fats to help with the majority of issues dogs face. And switching oils and fats can help cover any shortcomings in the dog’s nutrition, as well as add variety to the taste of the food.

Salmon oil is great for skin and coat issues and also assists with anti-inflammatory concerns, especially with older dogs or those with joint issues. It is rich in Omega 3 and 6 along with DHA, which can support a healthy immune system, cognitive function, and heart health. Cognitive function is important at any age, but especially in puppies as they develop, and in senior dogs to keep them alert and happy. Immune health is imperative to assist in inflammation and with allergies, as well as any viruses or other ailments that may come up. 

Coconut oil is amazing for anti-viral and anti-fungal benefits. Most of the benefits come from medium chain fatty acids, including lauric acid, which is used by the body to fight disease. Coconut oil can also help balance insulin while providing easily metabolized energy. Coconut oil may also help balance the thyroid too, while making sedentary dogs more energetic, allowing a twofold approach to weight loss in older or heavy dogs. 

Bacon fat…well, it is great for fussy eaters and for those that need to bulk up. Who can resist the smell of bacon??

Our goal at Muenster Milling and especially with My Custom Dog Food is to solve problems. Your dog is unique, so why shouldn’t his food be made especially for him? We strive to fix problems with nutrition, instead of prescriptions or medications. Try My Custom Dog Food or contact us to discuss your dog’s special concerns and we can help you find the right solution or additional ingredients or supplements to assist your dog live his best life!

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