Dog Friendly Taco Recipes in Honor of National Taco Day

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Tacos have all but eclipsed the sandwich as America’s favorite food. Though we’re sure your dog would gladly indulge in either, when properly prepared, the former can actually provide some great nutritional benefits.

Want to include Fido in your National Taco Day festivities? Read through these dog friendly taco recipes and fun facts to help plan your pup’s new favorite holiday.

Taco Tidbits

These tasty stuffed tortillas have reigned for centuries. Take a stroll through National Taco Day’s website and you’ll see they’ve cooked up some yummy taco trivia from origins through present day.

For instance, anthropologists believe this fine food originated in the 16th century. They have also traced tacos back to ancient civilizations in Mexico who used to fill the shells with small insects and snails. However, the word ‘taco’ itself appears to have merged in the 1800s from mining culture. They would create a similar folded shape out of paper and gunpowder in an attempt to extract ore from cave structures.

Since then, the taco has made an impressive turn– and we’re not just talking about the shell.

Americans consumed more than 4.5 billion tacos in 2016. Lined up side by side, they’d stretch to the moon and back. By weight, we collectively ate 775 million pounds worth of tacos. That’s enough to rival two empire state buildings.

The first recorded hard shell taco was found in a Mexican recipe book from the 1940s but it wasn’t until the 60s that New York boasted its first taco truck.

Dog Friendly Taco Recipe 

One recipe we love comes by way of Petcha. Here they outline this yummy vet-approved “pup-quito” with ingredients like:

  • 2 large sweet potatoes, cooked
  • 1 pound of ground beef
  • 1 bell pepper, diced
  • 1 zucchini, julienned

Each sweet potato, used to form the “shell”, should yield about a dozen dog friendly tacos.

Keep in mind this is intended as a treat. Portions should be relatively small and are not recommended as a regular part of your pet’s balanced diet. For that you should stick to high-quality dog food and all natural dog treats.

Does your dog have a sensitive stomach or existing health concerns? Contact your veterinarian before feeding to avoid complications.

Nutritional Value

Ground beef, cooked without salt or seasoning, provides a healthy dose of protein that they’re sure to love. However, the bulk of the nutrients come from the sweet potatoes. They’re a safe alternative for corn-based shells, which can be tough to digest.

Sweet potatoes are high in fiber, low in fat and packed with vitamins in minerals like vitamin B6, vitamin C and manganese.

The rich antioxidants in beta-carotene are responsible for the orange coloring. Once converted, it’s synthesized as Vitamin A, supporting skin quality, muscle strength and good vision.

Mexican Foods and Fixings to Avoid

Be aware that some taco toppings are wholly unsafe for dogs to eat. For example, anything in the allium family, meaning onions, chives or garlic, can disrupt your pooch’s system. Most dogs are lactose intolerant so cheese and sour cream are also out. Avocados and raw potato skins, too. Otherwise, most produce is fibrous enough that it does have some nutritional value.

How do you plan to celebrate National Taco Day with your dog?

Image Courtesy of: chipolatathedoxie Instagram

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