Dog Days of Summer Photo Contest Recap

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In Texas, the Dog Days of summer are far from over, but our photo contest has had its day in the sun. Fortunately, we have some cool pups and hot pics to show for it.

This month we asked pet parents to snap and submit a photo of their fur baby enjoying summertime. The winner with the most votes will win a 50-pound bag of our All Natural Grain Free Chicken and Coconut dog food.

Before we make our big reveal, let’s see what our judge’s ten favorite summer pups love doing with their dog days!

1. “I ride bikes around the block in the summer! Do you?”

Take it from this pooch, concrete, paws and Texas heat don’t mix! Their alternate transportation option involves a stylish set of wheels to help them roll through summer. We just hope they’re tall enough to reach the petals!

2. “When you’re so tired you fall asleep in your water bowl. This puppy business is hard work!”

Staying hydrated is a must, but it’s a tough job to look this cute. A little siesta during the heat of the day is just what the dog-tor ordered.

3. “Taking a hot leap into summer!”

Adventure seekers and water babies tend to make a huge splash on our judges. This little leaper is certainty after our own hearts. Now someone get this pup a towel before he shakes off and ruins the camera!

4. “Texas is hot!!! Boats on the lake are coooool!”

You know what’s even cooler? Safety first! Do you think he planned to sport a life jacket that matches the sunset? (Yeah, us too.)

5. “Evie wouldn’t survive summer without playing fetch!”

While Evie is singularly focused on that tennis ball, we can’t stop staring into those big brown eyes. For a split second we even thought her adorable spots were sunglasses!

6. “Puppy’s first swim with sister supervising.”

Every dog has its day and little sissy-swims-a-lot has just had hers. We love that big sis is keeping a watchful eye out. We’re also pretty sure cannon ball lessons are next on the list!

7. “Open wide!”

Talk about doggy paddle with a purpose, we love the way this action shot shows off this pool pup’s pearly whites and total determination.

8. “Doga”

Just a zen master working on its summer bod. Who knew stretching was such hard work? We think it’s paying off though. Even his tongue is limber!

9. Maxwell likes to swim and sit on the edge of the pool.

This foster pup knows that summertime means the living is easy and he aims to take full advantage. The sweet little swimmer is currently up for adoption through Pflugerville Pets Alive. Think of the fun summer adventures y’all could have together!

10. “It’s officially patio season!”

And you are officially adorable! We can tell this fluffy pup is ready to enjoy the views while mom sips some much-needed rosé.

Stay tuned for our official winner and check out the specs on their delicious grand prize: a 50-pound bag of our All Natural Grain Free Chicken and Coconut dog food.

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