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Chinese Free Pet Food

Safety is something we all desire for our pets, especially when it comes to what they eat. People spend hundreds and thousands of dollars every year to ensure their dogs get the best nutrition available. However, many people are feeding foods that have 1 thing in common, whether it’s the most expensive food in the store, or the cheapest. Chinese ingredients have unfortunately become commonplace in the U.S. pet food market. Many companies will make the “bold” claim that they purchase all of their ingredients in America. However, just because it’s purchased in America, doesn’t mean it was made in America. Many of the vitamin and mineral companies still source their ingredients from China, and then distribute them in U.S.

Chinese Free Dog Food

I’m sure you’re wondering what makes us different, and how can you trust that our ingredients are 100% Non-Chinese sourced? It’s simple; We’re small. As a small company we choose to serve a well defined small market. With a smaller demand, we are able to procure 100% of our vitamin and minerals outside of China.

In order to be able to guarantee this, each month, we sign contracts with our suppliers that ensures our supply will be available for 12 months. To ensure that we will not need to rely on Chinese ingredients, we have carefully chosen 2 suppliers that can guarantee us Chinese free ingredients. This will guarantee our supply in case one of the manufacturers has difficulty short term. Now, we realize that a majority of American consumer products come from China without any real issues. However, we’re not putting those products in our bodies.

In 2007, there were thousands of dogs killed due to an ingredient called melamine. Melamine is used to make a variety of products from dry erase boards, foam insulation, to laminate flooring. Yet somehow this was being put in pet food ingredients by Chinese companies without the knowledge of American owned companies.

Unfortunately once it enters the body, it begins having very adverse effects on the dog. It essentially shuts down the kidney’s, which unfortunately led to a pretty quick death for many pets. In 2007, there were over 8500 dogs that died prior to the foods being recalled. These were some of the biggest pet food companies in the U.S. that were using these ingredients. I won’t call them out by name, but they’re easy to find.

So what did these companies do? Surely they stopped using Chinese sourced ingredients right? Wrong, many of them still use China-Sourced ingredients. You would think the demand for Non-Chinese sourced ingredients would be higher after an incident like this. Unfortunately, many of these companies are publicly traded, and have more of a mission to satisfy shareholders than they do their customers. Which means they just couldn’t part with the cheap prices offered by Chinese manufacturers.

When you buy Muenster, you can rest assured that our products are in fact 100% Chinese Free. Coupon code: Non-China saves 20%.

~ Mitch Felderhoff
4th Generation 

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