Muenster Dog Food Is No Longer Sold On Chewy.Com

Beginning May 9, 2018, we have decided to remove our Muenster-branded dog food from While we appreciate the partnership we’ve had with Chewy over the years, we determined that fulfilling and shipping directly from our warehouse in Muenster, Texas delivers the freshest possible Muenster dog food to our brick & mortar retailers.  For the customers that don’t live near one of our favorite independently owned dealers, we will ship to you directly!

Our top priority continues to be providing our customers, and their pets, the best food we can possibly make. At Muenster, we believe you should feed your animals with the same care and compassion as you would members of your own family.

We hope you continue to look to Muenster to provide your ongoing pet food needs. We offer convenient Autoship options that save you money, directly through our website and our products can also be found in local feed and pet supplies stores across North Texas and surrounding states.  If you have any questions, we welcome you to contact us at 940-759-2287 or


Mitch & Chad Felderhoff
4th Generation Owners
Muenster Milling Company, Inc.