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Cat Communication: What is your Kitty Trying to Tell you?

Let’s face it, cats spend the majority of their time napping. Even still, for the small portion of the day they are conscious, they’re actually pretty good communicators. That is if you know how to interpret their messages effectively.

Wish you were fluent in ‘Cat’onese? Since there’s currently no meow-based Duo Lingo, this short guide will give some insight into how your cat communicates.

Eye ‘Cat’act

Cats are known for their intense concentration. In maintaining prolonged eye contact with a human or other animal, the goal is singular: intimidation. It can be a sure sign of aggression and a signal to proceed with caution.

Kitty Kisses

On the other hand, sometimes the eyes convey an entirely different message. A slow deliberate blink is a sign of affection and contentment. Though it can be confused for sleepiness, it’s more an indication of trust than a need to nod off. You may also see cats make the same gesture at one another. It’s a show of friendship, one that both human and cat companion can recreate to communicate warm regard.

Cat Scratch Fever

Contrary to popular belief, our kitties aren’t quite the lone wolves we make them out to be. In fact, most feral cats tend to run in packs. It’s part of why your cat may become excitedly agitated and begin scratching on their designated post when you get home from work. They may also weave in between your legs, curling their tail around your calves. Get tripped up and you could become rather annoyed, but keep in mind this is actually a highly affectionate greeting and their way of saying “I missed you. Welcome back.”

The Truth About Purring

Humans may naively think that a purring cat is a content cat. This may be true much of the time, but purring is more a call for care than expression of happiness. We know this because sick or injured kitties also purr. Next time you hear that little motor going, think of it more like your fur baby asking you to stick around.

Meow Mix

Kittens first learn to meow as a means of communication with the mother. However after they’re weaned, cats don’t typically communicate with others in the litter by meowing. That designation is exclusively reserved for their human companions. In fact, there is little evidence a cat’s meow is universal at all. Instead, some research suggests a cat call is a unique communication with their individual owner. Listen closely and you may be able to differentiate a cry for cat food from a need for attention.

While your cat may always retain a mysterious façade, some behaviors are tail-tell ciphers that can help you both communicate. With a little observation, you can easily keep the lines of communication open and prevent your whiskers from getting crossed.

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