Buying Local Pet Food

Have you ever purchased fresh produce from the Farmers Market? There’s something about reaching out and picking up a basket of tomatoes or squash at a farmers market that can’t be imitated at the chain grocery store right down the street. Maybe it’s because the vegetables purchased at the Farmers Market were grown in the same type of soil your house is planted on. Maybe it’s because you know exactly who you’re supporting when you hand the farmer/gardener the $5.00 for a basket of peaches. Maybe, it just tastes better from the extra TLC it gets by not being mass produced on a plantation in Mexico.

Too often, we purchase items that we have no idea where they’re sourced. We often take it with a grain of salt that bread is bread, a peach is a peach, and a steak is a steak. How often have you looked at the address printed on the package to see where it was produced? Informed consumers often pick apart ingredient listings to make sure that it contains all of their favorite new vitamins, oils, and minerals, but rarely look to see where the product is sourced.

Of the many reasons I buy local, the top one is I know who I’m supporting. When I walk in to the local feed store to buy vinegar to spray on my weeds in the yard as an organic replacement to round up, the store manager behind the counter can’t wait to ask me how I’m doing and how my son Nolan is growing. It’s great to know that your money is going to someone who honestly cares about you and about the success of your purchase. To the local store, you’re not a number; you’re a member of their extended family.

If I have a problem with a product and I try to return it, I don’t just get a refund and get sent back to the aisle to try again. I get asked what went wrong, they tell me what can be done to prevent that again, and then guide me to an alternative product to prevent the same results. Or they candidly tell me that there was a user error and send me back on my way with the proper instructions to successfully complete my task.

How many times have you heard about how green something is? When you buy a product that is manufactured locally, the difference can be staggering in their effect on our supply of natural resources. Muenster Pet Foods are produced only 44 miles from the north edge of the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolis. Many of your national brand pet foods are made throughout the country. Many of these are produced in New York, Missouri, Kansas, and California. When you consider the fact that most of your freight trucks average 6 miles per gallon on trips ranging from 500 miles to 1500 miles, the impact these products have on our natural resource and environment are significant as opposed to ordering a product made only 44 miles away in Muenster, TX.

When you buy a product made by Muenster Milling Co., you’re supporting a company that believes in not only buying local, but selling local. We focus on selling our products through independent and family owned stores and companies. You won’t find us in many chain stores, and if you do, you can be assured that we are only in their regional locations. We sincerely value and appreciate each and every one of our customers. Buy local, buy Muenster.

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