Dogs are Better Mood Lifters than Chocolate!

For years animals lovers have told us how happy their dogs make them and how important a family member they are. According to a new study by Dognition, having a dog is good for your hormones which has to be great for your health.In the study, researchers sampled the blood of human and canine participants before they spent time along together and then afterwards. The results included significant measurable decreases in blood sugar and blood pressure. But wait, put down the chocolate! After spending just 30 minutes along with their dog, participants had increased levels of the mood-lifter Oxytocin, also known as the “hug hormone” and a whole range of other mood hormones, including beta-endorphins which are associated with euphoria and pain relief; prolactin which promotes a parenting-like bonding behavior; phenylethylamine and dopamine, which increase when people are in love.
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Buying Local Pet Food

Have you ever purchased fresh produce from the Farmers Market? There’s something about reaching out and picking up a basket of tomatoes or squash at a farmers market that can’t be imitated at the chain grocery store right down the street. Maybe it’s because the vegetables purchased at the Farmers Market were grown in the same type of soil your house is planted on. Maybe it’s because you know exactly who you’re supporting when you hand the farmer/gardener the $5.00 for a basket of peaches. Maybe, it just tastes better from the extra TLC it gets by not being mass produced on a plantation in Mexico.
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You Are What You Eat

I spent my first 3 years of college as a student athletic trainer at the University of North Texas. What drew me to this path was a weird and obsessive love with the sport of football. I knew that I was too slow, too weak, and too unathletic to compete at the collegiate level in my favorite sport, or any sport for that matter. However, I enjoyed anatomy classes in high school and wanted to stay connected to the sport. What I learned there was an invaluable amount of information on the way the human body works; more importantly, the effect of nutrition on the body.
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