Best in Show Chickens on Milestone Chicken Food

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As far as chickens are concerned, Muenster is “the breakfast of champions!”

Our secret is out: in March of 2018, Muenster Milling chicken feed will officially become available for purchase in stores and on our website. Sold under the Milestone label (which it shares with our line of horse goods), Muenster chicken feed contains ingredients like cricket meal, black oil sunflower seeds, organic peas, and alfalfa to closely simulate a chicken’s natural, free-range diet. We’ve also added bonus calcium and essential oils to give it an extra “kick.” And unlike other commercial chicken feeds on the market, our formula deliberately excludes corn, soy, and genetically modified wheat.

But the vast majority of Muenster fans already know about our goal of providing natural, balanced nutrition to companion animals everywhere, as well as our commitment to manufacturing our products right here in the USA. These values are often what motivate people to buy Muenster in the first place. Thus, information about our choice of recipe probably doesn’t surprise many people. Muenster Milling is creating a great chicken feed? Business as usual!

Muenster has produced chicken feed for a small, select group of buyers. Our company is already famous for high-quality horse, dog, cat, and pond fish food, but the chicken feed was a new challenge—one that we wanted to approach slowly and evaluate on a smaller scale before we considered making it part of our normal catalog.

Sierra Chavez is one of our chicken feed customers. In the years that she’s been breeding birds and showing them in poultry exhibitions, she’s scored a handful of victories, including “Best in Show,” “Best Variety,” and “Grand Champion” awards. This April, she’ll be gunning for the “High Point Youth Exhibitor” title at the Serama Council of North America’s national competition. Sierra has worked with Shamo, Serama, Bearded Silkie, and modern game Bantam chickens, all of whom have individual strengths on the competition circuit. The one thing they share, though, is a love for Muenster chicken feed.

Vicki Balthrop, Sierra’s mother, had this to say about the birds’ diet: “We had a very exciting year and hope for many more rosettes in 2018! We want to thank you for the wonderful feed, as it keeps our birds in winning condition. It takes good genetics and good feed to compete and win.”

That’s high praise and a great reminder of why we strive to produce some of the best animal food on the market.

Stories like Sierra’s made it clear to us that the world was ready for Milestone Chicken Feed, so we made plans for a wide release. In just a few short weeks, the same edibles favored by Sierra Chavez’s champion chickens will be available to poultry enthusiasts everywhere. Whether you’ve been buying Muenster for years or are just now hearing about our company, we’d love for you—and your critters—to come with us as we step into the future!

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