Ancient Grains

Muenster Premium Ancient Grains Line is made up of several formulas that include non-gmo gluten-free grains. The grains that we use in these foods have not been modified over thousands of years. This line is free of corn, wheat, white potato, white rice, and soy. Fresh meat is the first ingredient in every formula. This line is a healthy grain inclusive option for pet owners and all formulas are all life stages with added taurine!


Muenster Freeze-Dried Meal Toppers in Beef, Chicken, or Elk/Venison are a great way to add a boost of additional protein and fat for your active dogs. Introduce raw into your dog’s diet, and help picky eaters chow through their meals!


Watch as Mitch Felderhoff, one of the owners of Muenster shares his journey of eating only Muenster Dog Food for 30 days. Get tips about feeding your dogs, transitioning to new foods, help with dog digestive issues, and more.

Watch for the documentary coming soon!

Locally made

All our products are made right here in Muenster, TX. We take great pride and interest in manufacturing our own products – and now you can order our food online and have it delivered directly to your door!

4th Generation

Producing food for animals is our passion. Our roots go all the way back to 1932, when Great-granddad Felderhoff braved the leap from sharecropper to business owner in the midst of the Great Depression. 87 years later, Muenster Milling is still owned and operated by the Felderhoff family.

Giving Back

Did you know that Muenster Milling provides 100% of the food for Operation Kindness – and we have for years! We’re proud to have provided over 720,000 meals to rescue animals in North Texas.

We won’t feed your dog anything unless we’ve eaten it ourselves.

Treat your dogs to a little variety with some Muenster Bundles

Not sure what food is right for you? Right now you can try these bundles for 30% off (limit one per customer). Our regular bundles help you save up to 15% and more with autoship – and you’ll be providing your dog with different flavors and protein sources. Our bundles also incorporate our Freeze-Dried RAW products and some functional meal toppers so that your dog can enjoy a healthy treat or snack!

Topper flight

Get all three of our Meal Toppers to try or to shake things up for your fur-babies

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Only $39.16*

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Ancient grains flight

Let your dog try ALL of our Ancient Grain flavors PLUS, our Heart Strong Beef Taurine Supplement Meal Topper

5 lbs bags of our Ancient Grains Ocean Fish, Chicken & Pork and Chicken

PLUS a 12oz Heart Strong Beef Taurine Supplement Meal Topper

(Regular Price: $71.46)

Only $50.02*

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Mitch's Choice

Try some of Mitch's favorites from 30 Days of Dog Food.

Good for large breed puppies, dogs allergic to chicken, or dog's who like fish as well as dog's who need a Taurine supplement.

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Only $72.08*

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*Limit one Topper Flight, Ancient Grains Flight, and Mitch's Choice discount per customer

A letter from Mitch and Chad

Fourth Generation owners

Knowing that we produce food for your furry family member is not something that we take lightly. We understand the importance nutrition plays in the role of health – as our family has seen it first hand for over 87 years.

We also know that every dog is different and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all food out there. Considering food histories and sensitivities, some dogs do better on a grain-based diet, some on a grain-free and some do best on a raw diet. We provide as many options as we can so that your dog can receive the nutrition it needs.

Why our business is important: We are proud of being family-owned and we take a personal interest in animal nutrition. Because we don’t answer to shareholders, we don’t change recipe formulas to chase a buck. At Muenster, we put your pet first, not the bottom line. We know that if we manufacture a quality product resulting in a healthier dog, we’ll sell pet food without having to cheapen the product with fillers. Muenster Milling is a happy place to work – we owners don’t make a fortune, but we provide quality jobs (proudly offering a $15 minimum wage) and deliver excellent nutrition to our customer’s pets.