10 National ‘Dress Up Your Pet Day’ Ideas

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This Saturday is our favorite winter holiday– a.k.a. national dress up your pet day! Even if dressing your dog in adorable clothes and costumes is a daily affair, get out there and celebrate. Here are some of our favorite looks to get you inspired.

A Hoodie is Always A Goodie


Photo Courtesy of: @dogsofinstagram

If you have a smaller pooch, winter can be especially tough. Help them make the best of the season and look the part in a front-zip hoodie. Bonus points if you layer with complementary shirt or scarf.

Dapper Your Dog  


Photo Courtesy of: @dogsofinstagram

This matching plaid, sweater vest and bowtie combo has us doing some serious high-pitched squealing. By the time we noticed the tiny converse we were all but howling. Hats off to this seriously dapper doggie.

Pay Tribute To a Fallen Celebrity


Photo Courtesy of: @dogsofinstagram

With Princess Leia off riding that great Millennium Falcon in the sky, this space bun beanie is totally topical. Other celebrity homages might include a lighting bolt or orange wig à la David Bowie or purple suit and top hat commemorating the late Willy Wonka (otherwise known as Gene Wilder.)

Floral Your Fido


Photo Courtesy of: @dogsofinstagram

If you and Fido are into maxin’ relaxin’, a floral shirt could be just what the veterinarian ordered. They’re also helpful for taking your mind off those blustery temps and mentally transporting you to some far away sunny land.

Support Your Favorite Sports Team


Photo Courtesy of: @dogsofinstagram

Your dog likely has a deeply vested interest in their tennis ball, so it’s only fitting that they would share in supporting your favorite ball team. With the Super Bowl quickly approaching, now’s the time to order your jersey’s in preparation for the big game!

Suit Up


Photo Courtesy of: @dogsofinstagram

Whether you’re taking your dog out for a fancy brunch or attending a neighborhood pup party, a cabby hat and matching tie are always in vogue.

Create A Super Hero Troupe   


Photo Courtesy of: @dogsofinstagram

Do you have an entire animal family? Create a theme and dress each fur baby accordingly. We’re particularly partial to these three crime fighting dachshund heroes!

Make It A Couple’s Costume


Photo Courtesy of: @dogsofinstagram

If you have a pair of lovebirds in your home, there are literally endless couple’s costumes that will have your family and friends rolling with laughter. These two of a kind Hansel and Gretel costumes are only the beginning. A few of our personal favorites include: puppy and Clyde, Wizard of Paws, or something classic like fox and the hound.

Dress Up Like your Favorite Childhood Character


Photo Courtesy of: @dogsofinstagram

Think of our favorite childhood fictional character or book. Once you’ve identified the theme, finding your costume online is a breeze. Try to think of what matches your dog’s personality and go from there. For example, we love the way this surly, pouty pup totally embodies his Eeyore cosplay.



Photo Courtesy of: @dogsofinstagram

When at a loss, you can never go wrong with a Dogosaur costume for little Dino.

Share how you and your pup celebrated National Dress Up Your Pet on our Facebook page. Oh, and if you’re going to make them suffer through getting dressed up, don’t forget to have a pocket full of tasty dog treats ready!

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